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Slime with Squishy sponge, stress relief toy,Party favors and birthday gift,educational for kids,multi-colored toy,gaming,musical like ASMR

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  • Golden Honey Color with squishy sponge to squish and pop to create a new slime texture and great ASMR!
  • 1 Honeycomb Charm, 1 Bee Charm and Sprinkle Mix (on top of slime) are added in. 200 ml.
  • Absolutely Great Slime for Kids Girls Boys. Completely playful for Children. Can't Be Eaten, Not for Too Small
  • Boost your little one's creativity, and help them develop motor skills and enhance eye-hand coordination.
  • Stress relief toys, party favor supplies, birthday gift, educational toys
  • Non Sticky Slime for Kids and Adults. ASTM certified. You can even see the detailed ingredient contents in the description. Cannot be eaten, not for too small kids
  • Easy Storage. Comes in a plastic jar. Please put the slime back in the container when you don't use it. The slime will get dry if exposed in the air for quite a long time.
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